In today's highly competitive world, it is but natural that parents search for the best coaching institute for their child an institute where the child's abilities should be improved and where the child should learn knowledge enabling him to be a capable competitor in his career. RISHI TUTORIALS exactly does same as you are looking for ! We at RT provide you the best possible infrastructure, AC classrooms, Audio - Visual learning, Suitable Schedules, High experienced teachers, Parents Meeting, Doubt solving sessions, Frequent revision tests, Best reference material and so on. To make the student feel at home while learning, our teachers use innovative techniques along with reasonable strictness whenever required, to make the learning easier and interesting. Our teachers are using modern equipment as well as their simplified ways of teaching. We even make use of technology so that our parents can also know what their children are learning and can keep a track on their ward. We assume that RT is the best institute for your child and your child will come out with the flying wings of SUCCESS.